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wu​.​.​. / HA!

by Cocoonics

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我丢过佢 我又丢埋佢啲frien啲 同我讲道理 不如嗱嗱临收声 咁撚大个人 做乜都未知惊 连小学miss 都排队做我靓 喂你边有人 会知道未来个人 就一定会揸fit 你又知唔知 中学既同学同老师 冇人有得医 讲师德讲道德 咪净係得个知 我都话左你噶啦 点解又係咁啊 我问你啊 点解啊 点解 点解啊? 我讲呢啲野都无所谓 我做呢啲野都无所谓 我唸呢啲野都无所谓 我就算咁咁咁都无所谓 我玩呢啲野都无所谓 我搞呢啲野都无所谓 我丢呢啲野都无所谓 我就算咁咁咁都无所谓 完未啊 我问你啊 完未呀呢个世界 快撚啲啦 快撚啲啊 收声啊 完啊
我想训觉啊 (我想睡觉啊) 我想训觉啊 (我想睡觉啊) 俾我训啊 (给我睡啊) 俾我训啊 (给我睡啊) 俾我训觉啊 (给我睡觉啊) 俾我训觉 (给我睡觉) 俾我训觉啊 (给我睡觉啊) 俾我训觉啊 (给我睡觉啊) 一次手机 收埋 (一次手机 收起来) 两次手机 收埋 (两次手机 收起来) 三次手机 流晒眼泪 (三次手机 流了眼泪) 全人类都有罪 (全人类都有罪) 点样先可以保持啲距离 (怎样才可以保持点距离) 每晚只眼红到似兔仔 (每晚眼睛红得像兔子) 我有啲灰我我有啲虚我日日都好攰 (我有点失落我有点虚弱我每天都很累) 咁佢地咧 (那他们呢) 咁佢地咧 (那他们呢) 咁佢地咧 (那他们呢) 我做做做做做乜都未够 (我做做做做做什么都不够) 【唔知自己可以做啲乜】 (不知道自己可以做些什么) 我冇冇冇冇冇乜嘢出口 (我没没没没没什么出口) 【做啲咩先得以好训一些】 (做些什么才可以好睡一点) 我做做做做做乜都未够 (我做做做做做什么都不够) 【唔知自己仲可以做到啲乜】 (不知道自己还可以做到什么) 我冇冇冇冇冇乜嘢出口 (我没没没没没什么出口) 【做到啲乜先得以好训一些】 (做到什么才可以好睡一点) 我做做做做做乜都未够 (我做做做做做什么都不够) 【一啲啲嘅反抗 一啲啲嘅日常】 (一点点的反抗 一点点的日常) 我冇冇冇冇冇乜嘢出口 (我没没没没没什么出口) 【一啲啲嘅唔听话 一日又一日咁先係唔正常】 (一点点的不听话 一日又一日这样才是不正常) 我做做做做做乜都未够 (我做做做做做什么都不够) 【一啲啲嘅反抗 一啲啲嘅隐藏】 (一点点的反抗 一点点的隐藏) 我冇冇冇冇冇乜嘢出口 (我没没没没没什么出口) 【一啲啲嘅唔听话 一日又一日咁先係唔正常】 (一点点的不听话 一日又一日这样才是不正常) 给我一个可以相信嘅地方 (给我一个可以相信的地方) 给我一个可以相信嘅地方 (给我一个可以相信的地方) 【有冇 有冇 有冇】 (有没有 有没有 有没有) 给我一个可以相信嘅地方 (给我一个可以相信的地方) 给我一个可以相信嘅地方 (给我一个可以相信的地方) 【有冇 有冇 有冇】 (有没有 有没有 有没有) 仲可唔可以寄希望于呢张床 (还可不可以寄希望于这张床) 【我是谁 我在哪】 (我是谁 我在哪) 仲可唔可以寄希望于呢张床 (还可不可以寄希望于这张床) 【我彷彿一个突然闯入结界嘅鬼魂】 (我彷彿一个突然闯入结界的鬼魂) 仲可唔可以 (还可不可以) 【这里没有一样事物属于我 但我必须属于它】 (这里没有一样事物属于我 但我必须属于它)


Cocoonics' introductory remarks on her work:

“How to convey a ball of fire? How to become a blade of grass? The way I was trained to think means I begin with words – but when I encounter areas of life on which language has no hold, where should I turn?

At night I always come to the same question: on any givenordinary day, is the world I know gone forever? Over the last two years, such thoughts have struck me time and time again; it goes without saying that the question has swept everyone across the globe. But no matter how unwillingly, the only true way to escape the issue is to face it. Since beginning my journey with music, I've come to realize that, to me, the ultimate function of music is healing. I began this EP in November 2019, and it took me a year and a half to finish. In it are extremes of fragility and rage, which I used to regard as two sides in a kind of protracted struggle with each other. But by observing the seeds I've sown, every day my self-portrait comes a little more into focus.

I am the fire, and the grass; over and over again, I am ended and revived, a process that only serves to encourage my vitality. Once I believed there was a fine line between the two, and that my life flopped between them in search of a comfortable middle ground.

Now my feeling is that there is nothing between them at all – that the two are, in fact, one.”

From innocent at 13
To fierce at 23
What happened in 10 years?

Going from school to society and facing the challenges of survival, the creation of music transforms as well – from an outlet for pleasure to one for introspection and letting off steam. As the explorations grow more serious, the puzzled audience that previously encountered Cocoonics can't help but ask:
“Where did the laidback, spirited Cocoonics go?”

From brimming with confidence to being laden with doubt, she attempted to find answers in music and ended up, half confidence half doubt, reconstructing a “self” for herself on youth's complex path to maturity. Making an effort to remain defiant, to be a maverick. If trying to say something, yelling it. Being a punk, on occasion, isn't a bad idea.

It is these ideas that shaped this stage of Cocoonics' voice. Searching for a score to her experiences and thoughts, bravely exposing her inner self to find like-minded souls, she draws on discordant notes, distorted guitar samples, and hidden messages in muttered Cantonese, using a brooding manner to provoke yet console the listener. Of course, you still have the right to be someone who doesn’t understand; there's nothing to prevent you ranting along to her music:
“Why! Why?! Why?!!”
“Get Cocoonics back!”


released April 28, 2021

Produced by Cocoonics
Lyrics & Composed & Vocal by Cocoonics (Track 2、3)
Mixed & Mastered by Sdewdent
Cover Designed by Athena Chan
Executive Producer - Cookie Zhang


all rights reserved




Cocoonics is a music production cocoon, knotted on the big tree of Eating Music.

Cocoonics aspires to be a container of music, to express what the world gives her sincerely.

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